Academic eSports: A rapidly growing industry?

Academic eSports: A rapidly growing industry?

Academic esports, or esports played at the collegiate level, is a rapidly growing industry. With the popularity of video games and esports skyrocketing in recent years, it's no surprise that universities and colleges across the world are starting to invest in esports programs. This has led to an increase in... read more
Marietta College Overwatch team VS Bethel University

Marietta College Overwatch team VS Bethel University

The Marietta College Overwatch team is set to have their next match in the Great Lakes Esports Conference against Bethel University. Taking place at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 11th, this match is one of the most highly anticipated events in the college esports community. Overwatch has become one of... read more
Overwatch Spring 23 Tournament

Overwatch Spring 23 Tournament

The Overwatch Spring 23 tournament is fast approaching and fans of the popular first-person shooter game are gearing up for some exciting matches. With a wide range of talented teams set to participate, this tournament is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated events of the year... read more
World of Competitive Gaming

Thrilling World of Competitive Gaming

Esports Matches: A Look into the Thrilling World of Competitive Gaming. Esports, or electronic sports, is a rapidly growing industry that has captured the attention of millions of people around the world. It involves organized, competitive video gaming tournaments where players compete against each other in various games, such as... read more
Tokyo Game Show Xbox 2022 News and updates on 22 upcoming games

Tokyo Game Show Xbox 2022

Tokyo Game Show 2022 brought plenty of Xbox news for fans in Japan, Asia and around the world. The show featured 22 games from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda and our partner studios. Among those in the spotlight was DEATHLOOP, which will be released on Xbox next week on September 20... read more
Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Blizzard defends monetization

Overwatch 2: Blizzard defends monetization

Blizzard's flagship shooter "Overwatch 2" is coming out soon and one of the most important changes compared to its predecessor was recently revealed online: New heroes will not be unlocked automatically, but are tied to progress in the Battle Pass. This understandably angered many players - after all, one of... read more

Overwatch 2 – New support Kiriko

Blizzard provides first information about the new support heroine in Overwatch 2. Kiriko will be the first heroine that can be unlocked via Battle Pass. What can Kiriko do and how does it work with the Battle Pass? Rumors around a fox hero have been circulating in the Overwatch community... read more
Kiriko is a support hero for DPS players

Kiriko is a support hero for DPS players

Kiriko, one of the new heroes for Overwatch 2, fulfills the support role in the game and is the first hero available in the Battle Pass to the game. This decision has already been criticized by many players, which is why Blizzard tried to explain in an interview with PCGamer... read more
Overwatch 2 shows new heroine with teleport ability

Overwatch 2: Heroine with teleport ability

Overwatch 2 has announced - Season 1 of the shooter at Tokyo Game Show 2022 and introduced a new heroine. Some players already believe that she might be too strong. Kiriko: The teleporting healer What can Kiriko do? In the gameplay trailer of Kiriko, it can be seen that it... read more
Blizzard is currently blowing up Overwatch 2 because they are breaking a 7 year old principle

Blizzard is currently blowing up Overwatch 2

A decision by Blizzard regarding Overwatch 2 has been leaked and has been angering fans for days: new heroes in Overwatch will no longer be free for all and immediately available, but will be tied to certain conditions: Fans of the game are running up a storm. Some are already... read more
A potential cyber attack is identified every seven minutes

Alarming Trend: Cyber Attacks Every 7 Minutes

- CrowdStrike's annual Threat Hunting Report shows + Falcon Overwatch Threat Hunter results show breakout time for eCrime actors has dropped CrowdStrike today released its fourth annual Threat Hunting Report Nowhere to Hide: 2022 Falcon OverWatch Threat Hunting Report. The global report shows a record-breaking 50 percent year-over-year increase in... read more
A potential cyberattack is identified every seven minutes - according to the ...

Overwatch on Alert: The Threat of a Cyberattack

CrowdStrike, a leading provider of cloud-based protection for endpoints, cloud workloads, identities and data, today released its fourth annual Threat Hunting Report Nowhere to Hide: 2022 Falcon OverWatch Threat Hunting Report. The global report shows a record-breaking 50 percent year-over-year increase in hands-on attack attempts, as well as significant changes... read more
Overwatch 2 changes the way you get new heroes

Overwatch 2 changes to get new heroes?

Overwatch 2 is releasing its PvP portion with a Free2Play model and also wants to finance itself via a Battle Pass. Jon Spector, Overwatch Commercial Leader, explained on Twitter in more detail how this will work and is facing a lot of headwind for the announcement that new heroes will... read more
Everything about the move of Lootboxes, Credits & Co.

Everything about the move of Lootboxes

On October 4, 2022, Overwatch will disappear forever and be completely replaced by its successor, Overwatch 2 - that is, even more drastically than Blizzard has already done with Warcraft 3 and Warcraft 3: Reforged. But what actually happens to your earned rewards from Overwatch 1? Like the Removal of... read more

Embracer Group now owns Lord of the Rings!

Shortly before gamescom 2022, those responsible for the Embracer Group (THQ Nordic, Plaion (formerly Koch Media)) announce a mega acquisition involving eight (!) different companies. Among them: Middle-earth Enterprises and the important licenses around the "Lord of the Rings" universe. Today, August 18, 2022, it was worth visiting the Embracer... read more

Hotfixes Season 4 adjustments for ID changes.

The Blizzard developers want to improve the balance in the Mythic-Plus dungeons and raid challenges of - Season 4 in WoW: Shadowlands with the upcoming ID change. They already laid the groundwork for this. But there were also hotfixes that are already active today, August 16, 2022. The fourth -... read more

Best Cartoon Shooters: Top Games7

When you think of the shooter genre, you think primarily of realistic, often gritty continuous action. But that doesn't have to be the case. Also in the colorful cartoon or comic look not only fans of the genre get their money's worth, as these games prove. After the poor, unsuspecting... read more

“A lot of people believed that right away”

The British Twitch streamer SVB is considered an excellent player in Overwatch and has earned a good reputation in the community of Blizzard's shooter. But an Internet troll now wanted to destroy this reputation. He claimed that the streamer had demanded nude pictures of underage girls. The streamer says that... read more

Diablo 4 will probably get microtransactions

Blizzard and microtransactions - at least since the costly Pay2Win in Diablo Immortal, two terms that no one likes to see together in one sentence. After the publisher recently sent out a survey about microtransactions in Overwatch 2 to selected players and shocked them with whopping skin prices, a similar... read more

Incredible Widowmaker cosplay from Overwatch 2

The release of Overwatch 2 on October 4 is not that long away anymore. After two completed closed beta tests, Activision Blizzard has announced that there will be no further public test phase before the release. Unlike its predecessor, the hero shooter is to be released as a Free-2-Play title... read more

The cool slime cat causes stress

A slimy cat in World of Warcraft is causing drama. LFR players feel excluded after Blizzard changes the success. - Season 4 of World of Warcraft Shadowlands does a few things differently and offers some interesting content, especially for raid lovers. After all, every week a different raid is "fated"... read more

Patch 9.2.7 brings overlapping auction house

Patch 9.2.7 should be the last patch of the current expansion and brings a few more comfort adjustments for WoW: Shadowlands. For example, the auction house will finally be cross-server and the boost groups will get their own "trade channel". WoW: Shadowlands is slowly but surely coming to an end... read more

Twitch streamer plays FFXIV character

If you want to embody the scholar from Final Fantasy XIV in real life, slip into the best robe you can find and cast your spells exclusively with a pen, which is used to write the spells in a book. Twitch streamer Super Louis 64 shows how this works. Gamers... read more

On August 16, 2022 come some firecrackers

Sony officials have unveiled the game news for Playstation Plus' Extra and Premium plans, which will be playable starting August 16, 2022. Prepare yourselves for some firecrackers! Those who want to see the Extra or Premium tariff of Playstation Plus As we all know, anyone who has treated themselves to... read more

Update for Dungeon Finder

Blizzard developers have pushed a new build to the beta servers of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic. The update not only brought important bug fixes, but also adjustments for the group search and the so-called "Heartbeat Resist" mechanics. Players who have been really deep into the beta testing... read more

The most annoying resource

Cosmic Flux in World of Warcraft is annoying - Blizzard realizes that too. The droprate has been increased by 100% from many sources. A big criticism of WoW: Shadowlands is the amount of different currencies with nested uses - if you haven't been there from the beginning or have -... read more